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Chapter Record Retention Guidelines

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This material is presented for the purpose of assisting chapters in dealing with the issue of record retention and is not intended to constitute legal or tax advice. Questions with regards to disposal of specific records should be directed to legal counsel or tax consultants.

Articles of Incorporation & Certificate Permanent
Audited year-end financial statements Permanent
Chapter Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Permanent
Chapter Bylaws - Original & all amendments Permanent
Chapter Meeting Minutes Permanent
Year-end investment statements Permanent
Annual corporate report to state/provincial government As required by state/provincial law
Canadian T2 or T2 Short – T1044 As required by law
IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ* 4 years
Bank statements, cancelled checks, vendor invoices*  4 years
Annual roster of Chapter Officers As desired for historical value
(3 years suggested)
Chapter Committee Meeting Minutes As desired for historical value
Correspondence, program materials As desired for historical value


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