AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising Course

AFP NY, Central New York Chapter: Fundamentals of Fundraising

Kickstart your journey as a fundraising professional through the AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising course! This introductory, 4-day program provides a comprehensive overview of fundraising principles at the fundamental level.

The course content covers the roles and responsibilities of fundraisers, with emphasis on responsibilities you are likely to encounter at the beginning of your career. The course is taught in an active learning style and includes case studies and projects for groups and individuals, making the learning experience both substantive and enjoyable.

Who Should Attend?
The AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising Course provides an overview of skills, techniques, and program components, and is perfect for individuals with 0-4 years of fundraising experience or veteran fundraisers looking to get “back to the basics”. This intensive course provides an introduction into the building blocks of effective practice with an emphasis on real-world needs and challenges non-profit organizations face every day.

What's Special About this Course?
The AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising Course was developed with a foundation from the AFP Essentials of Fundraising Program and the AFP First Course in Fundraising course. It is up to date, including the latest in technology from social media to CRM.

The course is composed of 7 modules that have been designed by experienced fundraising professionals to meet the real-world needs and challenges nonprofit organizations face every day. This 16-hour program includes case studies and projects for groups and individuals to make the learning experience both substantive and enjoyable.

The seven modules of the course include:
1: Overview of Fundraising
2: Developing an Integrated Fundraising Program
3: Marketing for Ongoing Success
4: Building and Sustaining Relationships
5: Securing the Gift
6: Volunteers – Partners in Fundraising
7: Management & Accountability


Faye Janes


Pricing includes all materials, a light breakfast & lunch

AFP Members: $225
Non Members: $275

Register online at:

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