AFP West Florida: What Research is telling the Emerald Coast

Research? EEK! Who has time to read that stuff? Don't worry, this is not an academic research analysis session! Join us for an exploration as to how the research and advocacy work being done in Florida today influences, impacts, and helps your day to day planning, operation and mission achievement.
Leah will share
− an overview of the sector in Florida and Emerald Coast specifically, and how/when to use that information to make your case (fundraising and otherwise).
− COVID-19 research and impacts, and how to share your needs with funders going forward.
− individual giving research, highlighting the changes in giving from 2011-2018 and what this means for your nonprofit.
− what’s coming in 2022 that will affect nonprofits - elections, redistricting, legislative priorities that could directly impact your daily work.
− FNA's role in advocacy - why that matters to nonprofits and funding/fundraising in particular.
This is sure to be a RICH hour and you will leave with some
applicable actions – things to follow/watch, measure, read, do –
as a result of the session!


Cathy Brown

+1 317-850-6698

GUESTS - $0 (Our treat - come check us out!)

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