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National Philanthropy Day® Proclamations

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Official proclamations by your city or state/province’s government leaders recognizing National Philanthropy Day ® are very effective for generating local interest in your event. AFP is asking chapters to be especially proactive in obtaining as many proclamations as possible recognizing NPD. These proclamations will be used in AFP’s national and international advocacy efforts to show how strong local support is for NPD and for philanthropy overall.

Sample Proclamations

Every community has a different process for obtaining a proclamation. If you are not familiar with the process for your city or state, do an online search or visit the official government website. There is often a form that you can submit, but check to see how your official’s office prefers to receive them, how far in advance of the event you need to submit, and what information is required.

Often the website will also tell you the best way to follow up on your form submission. This is most often a phone number or email address that you can reach out to.

When following up on a proclamation request, share a little bit about the impact that local nonprofits (including personal examples from the organization you work for) have on the community. Be sure to add that such a proclamation will increase awareness of charitable giving and the positive contributions charities make to the community.

Don't forget that your state/provincial legislature or City Council can also pass a bill or resolution recognizing NPD. You can try contacting a legislator or council member and asking them to introduce a bill or resolution designating November 15 as NPD.

Sample Proclamation Request Letter Language

As mentioned above, you will likely be filling out an online form as opposed to sending in a mailed letter, BUT the form may request information on why the proclamation is relevant, you may need to send a follow-up email, and your local government may still require something in writing, so the below sample letter can be adapted to whatever format you need to provide background information about the value of a NPD proclamation.

Dear {NAME},

I am writing to request that a (mayoral, gubernatorial, etc.) proclamation or letter of recognition be issued for National Philanthropy Day®, the day set aside to remember and pay tribute to those people active in the philanthropic community.  From donors to volunteers, from large, international nonprofits to the community center in the local neighborhood, each has made an indelible contribution to our communities, our nation, and our world.

National Philanthropy Day® is November 15. This year, the _______ chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is holding an awards luncheon to honor several local philanthropists, donors, and volunteers, including several projects developed by the youth of our community. A proclamation for National Philanthropy Day® from you would help to memorialize the occasion and bring attention to the important causes that charitable organizations champion.

AFP represents more than 27,000 professional fundraisers in more than 200 chapters throughout the world, working to advance philanthropy through advocacy, research, education, and certification programs. The Association fosters development and growth of fundraising professionals and promotes high ethical standards in the fundraising profession. AFP's members are required to abide by and sign annually its Code of Ethical Principles and Standards. AFP was also instrumental in developing A Donor Bill of Rights and other documents that increase public awareness and confidence in nonprofit, charitable organizations.

(Chapters should also consider inserting a short paragraph about their work in the local community and the impact of fundraising and giving in the community.)

Thank you for your consideration of this request, and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. If you have any questions, please contact (name of chapter contact).


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