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NPD Logos: Design Templates

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To help simplify the design process, AFP has developed pre-designed Adobe® InDesign® CS templates for chapters to use in creating a variety of different materials for their NPD event.

All chapters will need to do is to download the appropriate ZIP file from the Attachments section below and forward it to their designer.

The following templates that are available include:

  1. NPD Invitation Template
  2. NPD Pamphlet Template
  3. NPD Postcard Template
  4. NPD Program Cover Template

The ZIP Files have everything designers will need (including fonts) if they are using a Mac. If designers are using a PC, they will need Gill Sans and Optima fonts loaded on their computer. They will need to set the type and make other changes to customize the templates for each chapter’s unique event.

The templates can only be opened if the user has InDesign CS1 or higher. It is not recommended for users who don’t have experience with InDesign.

In the Attachments section are PDF files of each of the templates so users without the InDesign software can view them.

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31 May 2023 Tools & Templates Chapter Leader Resource Guide
31 May 2023 Tools & Templates Chapter Leader Resource Guide
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