AFP Webinar: Think HOW Before How Much: A Donor-Participatory Approach to Solicitation

Stewardship & Marketing: Donor Relations/Stewardship
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1:00-2:00 PM Eastern | Presenter: Dan Shephard, Principal, The Shephard Group
Eligible for 1 CFRE Education Point

Studies show that most wealth is held in assets, not in cash. Yet too many fundraising professionals, when deciding to ask for a gift, ask for a dollar amount, with little thought to where that amount might come from. This transactional solicitation invites the donor to think, “How big a check can I write?” It’s fine to start a donor relationship with some target amount in mind - if you earn the right to ask for it. It’s better to invite a detailed conversation about HOW that donor might make her best gift, for both your nonprofit and the donor.

CFRE Focus Areas

Securing the Gift
Relationship Building
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