AFP Webinar: Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Monthly Donor Retention

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Monthly donors continue to be powerful. 100 monthly donors are worth an average of $24,000 a year. They’ll give two to four times more than other donors. They’ll stay with you for at least 5 to 7 years and often even longer. They’re 6 times more likely to leave you in their will. It’s worth a little bit of work to keep them and you’ll learn the tools to do just that! 

In this interactive webinar you will learn the best approaches to keep your monthly donors giving for many years on end. 

The webinar will focus on the following: 

  1. The difference between hard and soft cancels.
  2. Different tools and approaches to help you prevent lapsing monthly donors.
  3. The best approach to bring monthly donors back.
  4. How to thank and cultivate monthly donors to prevent them from ever canceling to begin with.
  5. Reviewing examples and case studies

Erica Waasdorp headshotPresenter: Erica Waasdorp is President of A Direct Solution, located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Erica lives and breathes direct response and fundraising and can be considered a Philanthropyholic. She works with non-profit clients all over the country as well as internationally, helping them with their appeals, monthly giving, grant writingand PR. She most recently volunteered as the US Ambassador for the International Fundraising Congress (IFC), held in the Netherlands in October. Erica published one of the very few books on monthly giving, called Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant. She created the Monthly Donor Road Map and multiple e-books, such as Top 7 Questions about Monthly Giving and Monthly Donor Retention Play-Book. She co-authored the DonorPerfect Monthly Giving Starter and Marketing Kits, and she regularly blogs and presents in person and via webinars on appeals, direct mail and monthly giving. 

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