Vibrant Options for Giving! Get Clear!

Stewardship & Marketing: Donor Relations/Stewardship, Development Plans
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1:00-2:00 PM Eastern | Presenter: Marcy Heim, CFRE, PLCC
Eligible for 1 CFRE Education Point

A confused donor doesn’t give and a confused fundraiser doesn’t ask! You need clarity! Get help on how to define your giving priorities based upon your strategic plan, operations budget and with an eye toward fostering diversity and engagement as you create your giving options.


Marcy Heim, CFRE-CSP-PLCC-AFP Master Teacher lives to inspire generosity. Her entertaining presentations and coaching are based on 30 years of major gift relationship-building success. She's made multi-million asks, led a $1.8B campaign, and empowered scores to ask with her trademark 3-sentence Ask. Artful Asker Consulting specializes in major gift relationship management, staff retention, and inspired board engagement. Get her book or on her blog at marcyheim.com.


CFRE Focus Areas

Securing the Gift
Leadership and Management
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