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Engaging Young Professionals: Questions & Answers

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How Can You Overcome Any Cost Barriers for Young Professionals?

  • Offer education scholarships and membership grants
  • YPs can’t afford membership without a scholarship
  • Encourage young professionals to engage with their employers and to share the new Case for Support to show the benefit of membership.
  • Encouraging  to not spread themselves too thin and be very impactful in specific Chapter leadership areas.

What are Chapters Doing to Engage Young Professionals?

  • Hold a membership mixer fair to showcase committee work and recruit young professional involvement.
  • Include a hosted table for young professionals and every lunch.
  • 1:1 outreach
  • Offer membership scholarships.
  • Mentoring collegiate members to create a board pipeline
  • Engage past presidents to mentor the emerging leaders.
  • Local mentor program
  • Recruit emerging leaders to join the board.
  • Include a job description for Young Professional Committee.
  • Create an inclusive environment. 


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08 Dec 2023 Guides & Resources
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