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Engaging Young Professionals: Questions & Answers

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What Can IHQ Do To Help You Accomplish Your Goals As It Relates To The Next Generation Of Fundraisers?

  • Initiating a new mentor program and coordinate it with all new members
  • Do a better job of finding out what younger members are actually looking for/wanting out
  • of their membership
  • Provide templates of what’s working in other chapters and what has worked well
  • Funding for grants for YPs
  • Survey chapters and share feedback (attach survey results)

How Can You Overcome Any Barriers You Face Related To Young Professional

  • Big barrier is cost in competitor to YPN and other YP groups
  • YP scholarships and membership grants (Milwaukee WI Chapter has this opportunity)
    - Tiered membership scholarship option for YP -> Professional
  • YPs can’t afford to come to conferences
  • YPs can’t afford membership without a scholarship
  • Engaging YP involvement through possibly meeting with them and their boss to show the benefit of participation in AFP
  • Encouraging YP to not spread themselves too thin and be very impactful in specific areas
  • Is YP defined by time in the profession or by age?
  • Experienced members need to appear to be more approachable

What Are You Doing/What Do You Aspire To Do In Your Chapter Or Organization To Engage The Next Generation Of Fundraisers?


  • Membership mixer fair to engage YP and overall membership in committee work
  • Have a hosted YP table at every membership lunch
  • Recruit purposefully
  • 1:1 outreach
  • Offer membership scholarships specifically for YPs who express interest to engage


  • Mentoring collegiate members to create a pipeline to the board
  • Past presidents mentor the emerging leaders (Silicon Valley pilot program)
  • Recruit Young Professionals to get involved as mentees
  • Mentor program model 1
    - 6 month duration
    - Meet 3 times
    - Monthly conference calls about a specific topic
    - Write two page paper using an AFP white paper
    - After they graduate from the mentor program pat for part of the membership
  • Mentor Program Model 2
    - Mentee – 2.5 or less years or experience
    - Mentors – 10 + years of experience
    - New member affinity group
    - Able to provide the opportunity through a grant from a local foundations

Leadership Development

  • Recruit Young professionals to join the board
  • Job description for YP committee with expectations
  • Give YPs a voice and provide an inclusive environment
  • Ask YP members specifically where they would like to serve to get them involved in leadership

Engagement Opportunities

  • YNPN program partnership
  • After work networking opportunities
  • Engage all members through social media
  • Reset focus on scholarships so chapters can use them
  • Find out the number of organizations paying for memberships
  • Be intentional with leadership opportunities for younger members
  • Working with universities who have non profit track to engage the students
  • Charity pub crawl with networking
  • Monthly YP socials
  • Provide scholarships
  • Provide experiences for local collegiate chapter members
  • 1st attended monthly meeting free for YPs
  • Hold a specific YP event
  • Have YPs and new members introduce themselves before every meeting
  • Invite local collegiate chapter members to attend events at no cost


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