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AFP's professional advancement programs and courses give every professional, no matter what level of experience they have, the opportunity to enrich their skills and add to their knowledge base.

AFP offers several classroom learning opportunities as part of its professional development programming. Most programs are eligible for continuing education credit toward the CFRE credential; some toward the ACFRE credential.

The following courses are typically offered as pre-conference workshops at AFP ICON and sometimes by AFP chapters. 

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AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising  – This introductory, 2-day course provides a comprehensive overview of fundraising principles at the fundamental level.  The course content covers the roles and responsibilities of fundraisers, with emphasis on responsibilities you are likely to encounter at the beginning of your career.

AFP CFRE Refresher – This 2-day course uses case studies to provide a “refresher” of the six fundraising knowledge domains and the core principles and concepts that all experienced fundraising professionals should know.

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AFP Donor Retention: A Self-Assessment Workshop – Did you know that most nonprofits lose nearly as many donors as they gain each year? This 1-day course will help you stop the churn! Develop a donor retention plan based on research into what really works. Track overall gains and losses in donors and gifts and use that info to develop better cultivation and retention strategies.

AFP Faculty Training Academy – This 2-day "train the trainer" program ensures quality in education by providing formal training for prospective faculty and instructors of AFP's professional development programs. Receive comprehensive, hands-on training in adult education principles, learning styles, classroom management, assessment, and other related topics.

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AFP offers classroom style courses as pre-conference workshops at AFP ICON. In 2019, AFP ICON pre-conference workshops will include:

  • AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising
  • AFP CFRE Refresher
  • AFP Donor Retention
  • AFP Faculty Training Academy
  • The Major Gift Challenge: How to Get Started Raising Major Gifts
  • Planned Giving: The Next Generation
  • Step Up Your Planning Prowess and Lead Your Organization to Fundraising Success


Courses on Hiatus

Two other courses AFP has launched over the past few years—Fundraising Principles and Practice and International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising—are currently on hiatus pending course redevelopment. Check back periodically for updates or contact

Upcoming AFP Courses

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