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Mike GeigerI’m Mike Geiger, president and CEO of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Though I’m the one posting, it’s really your thoughts and views that we'll be posting, as much as mine —it's about the AFP community and the fundraising profession. In fact, we will occasionally feature a post from one of our esteemed colleagues, so keep an eye out for these special articles.

While I do want to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at AFP, what I really want is to hear from you. So e-mail me your comments, questions, concerns, feedback, and items you think I should be covering.

25 Apr 2022 President's Perspective Blog
A week from now, three thousand fundraisers will be coming together for the first time in three years at the largest gathering of our profession in the world: AFP ICON 2022. It’s been three years since we last met in person! I hope I’ll see you there (I mean, you HAVE registered, right?). It’s going
18 Apr 2022 President's Perspective Blog
We are celebrating National Volunteer Week this week here in the U.S., and it’s being celebrated in Canada next week. National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate volunteers, recognize their impact and encourage volunteerism in our communities. So, this is probably where you’re thinking, oh, okay
11 Apr 2022 President's Perspective Blog
We’ve heard it from Boards of Directors and donors for years: “How do we make our organization more inclusive? Why do we still struggle to engage with Millennials and Generation Z in our philanthropic endeavors, and how do we reach those across social and cultural identity groups?” Nonprofit
04 Apr 2022 President's Perspective Blog
As AFP continues its work in the inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) space, one of my priorities is that we create safe spaces for our members. The concept of safe spaces flows from our IDEA board policy and principles and generally means; a place or environment in which a person or
28 Mar 2022 President's Perspective Blog
I walked off the plenary stage three years ago in San Antonio, having said goodbye to AFP ICON 2019 and how much I was looking forward to seeing all of you in Baltimore the next year. We all know what happened next. That story has been told before, so I won’t get into that. Every organization has a
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