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17 Oct 2019 AFP News
Charities are dealing with a new landscape one year after the federal government proposed—and later passed—amendments to the Income Tax Act on October 25, 2018. The amendments enshrined the notion that “charitable activities include, without limitation, public policy dialogue and development
10 Oct 2019 AFP News
In early October, the Association of Fundraising Professionals had a momentous (and educational!) weekend in Phoenix, Ariz. On October 3, AFP LEAD took the stage to host emerging fundraisers and AFP chapter leaders for special pre-conference content. Hundreds more attendees joined those emerging
03 Oct 2019 AFP News
How much does individual giving in Canada depend upon Canada Post? And, conversely, how much does Canada Post depend upon the nonprofit sector? Should fundraisers care about postal rate increases, unpredictable labour disruptions and the future of mail service? In Canada, about 14 percent of the $9
26 Sep 2019 AFP News
English Le profil démographique de la profession de collecte de fonds au Canada présente une homogénéité tout à fait remarquable. Bien que les 2,2 millions de personnes qui travaillent dans des organismes de bienfaisance canadiens soient d’origine très diversifiée, la majorité des dirigeants dans le
26 Sep 2019 AFP News
FRANÇAIS The demographics of the fundraising profession in Canada are remarkably homogeneous. Despite the diverse make-up of the 2.2 million people who work in Canadian charities, the majority of fundraising leaders are white men. About 70 percent of the fundraising workforce is women, with a very
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