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08 Sep 2021 AFP News
ENGLISH Une grande partie du travail de l’AFP est accompli par des comités. Dans le cadre de notre nouvelle Série d’entretiens avec les présidents de comité, nous souhaitons tenir les membres de l’AFP au courant des enjeux actuels qui touchent notre profession et le secteur dans son ensemble, et de
08 Sep 2021 AFP News
There is a long-standing debate about whether the legendary Robinhood really stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Let's assume for our purposes that he did. Would that have made him a hero or a villain? A champion of the people or a thief? How a situation is characterized can vary wildly
08 Sep 2021 AFP News
FRANÇAIS So much of AFP’s work happens at the committee level. As part of our new Committee Chair Conversation Series, we hope to keep AFP members informed about current issues facing our profession and the sector, and how we are responding. Given all that’s been happening with the pandemic, perhaps
02 Sep 2021 AFP News
I love mentoring! There is no better way to start this article. Since the pandemic began and started to overtake our daily routines, like most of you, I tried to be creative in my ways of self-care. It started with baking. But it wasn’t long before I realized I consume my raw ingredients, even
30 Aug 2021 AFP News
With the pandemic slowly receding, we are only just beginning to learn how its impact has permanently changed elements of everyday life. The past eighteen months undoubtedly exposed the tenuousness of many societal structures, from healthcare to business to our political system in the United States
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