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09 Sep 2020 AFP News
Voices of Emerging Leaders is a series that highlights the voices, accomplishments and commitment of young professionals in the fundraising sector. 1. How did you start your career in the fundraising profession, and what led you here? In 2017, I started my first professional career in fundraising
27 Aug 2020 AFP News
The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada is appreciative of the wonderful gifts it receives through the Every Member Campaign. The Every Member Campaign is the annual fund, unrestricted campaign that the Foundation runs with the chapters. A portion of the funds raised are granted back to the
26 Aug 2020 AFP News
ENGLISH Au début de la pandémie du coronavirus, alors que les fermetures se succédaient au pays, les dirigeants et le personnel des organismes de bienfaisance se sont empressés à gérer « l’immédiat », les plans, les budgets et les communications. Six mois plus tard, nous avons adopté une routine
26 Aug 2020 AFP News
In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic—as lockdowns across the country came one after the other—leadership and staff of charities scrambled to deal with their new reality, immediate plans, budgets and communications. Six months later, we’ve settled into a cautious routine. But what happens
25 Aug 2020 AFP News
You’ve probably heard the announcement dozens, or even hundreds, of times from flight attendants when flying. Nevertheless, take a moment now to really think about it: “In the event of a decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you. To start the flow of oxygen, pull the
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