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21 Mar 2019 AFP News
Tell Your NJ Senator to Support S-2179 On Monday, March 25, the New Jersey Senate will vote on bipartisan legislation that would allow New Jersey taxpayers to deduct charitable contributions from their state income taxes. AFP is working with the Center for Non-Profits in New Jersey to encourage AFP
07 Mar 2019 AFP News
Fundraising is awesome! You know that. But not everyone does (yet!), plus sometimes it’s important to step back and remember all the good that fundraising makes possible. Hence, the Fundraising is Awesome document. Fundraising is Awesome can be used for a variety of purposes: recruitment, board
07 Mar 2019 AFP News
AFP Canada and our members hold a special place within the worldwide philanthropic landscape. While as Canadians we share many attributes similar to other world citizens, still we have a distinct voice and strongly embrace the values, beliefs, history and biases that make us unique. At the core, we
06 Mar 2019 AFP News
Jamie Cleghorn and Max Armstrong, two friends who have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to send kids with type 1 diabetes to Diabetes Canada’s D-Camps, will receive the 2019 CARTER Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy, Group, presented by AFP.
05 Mar 2019 AFP News
(Arlington, Va.) Lizzie Allison, a 17-year old young woman who has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help foster kids celebrate birthdays, has received the 2019 CARTER Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy, Individual, presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). The
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