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02 Sep 2021 AFP News
I love mentoring! There is no better way to start this article. Since the pandemic began and started to overtake our daily routines, like most of you, I tried to be creative in my ways of self-care. It started with baking. But it wasn’t long before I realized I consume my raw ingredients, even
30 Aug 2021 AFP News
With the pandemic slowly receding, we are only just beginning to learn how its impact has permanently changed elements of everyday life. The past eighteen months undoubtedly exposed the tenuousness of many societal structures, from healthcare to business to our political system in the United States
26 Aug 2021 AFP News
Today I’d like to talk to young, white, novice fundraisers like myself about how and why we need to build diverse and inclusive networks. And for all you seasoned professionals, read on—you might still learn something! In the past year and a half, the global pandemic, a social reckoning in the U.S
25 Aug 2021 AFP News
Over the last few months, you may have noticed social posts or articles around pay equity and how long it takes women of color, especially Black and Hispanic women to earn an equivalent salary to a white man doing the same job. These “Equal Pay Days” are not celebrations, but rather a reminder of
19 Aug 2021 AFP News
FRANÇAIS More than 125 AFP leaders from 21 chapters in Canada came together for the second edition of the Virtual Canadian Leadership Retreat, held this year July 21-22. It was a fun and energetic gathering that covered some of the difficult topics that our profession faced this past year and half
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