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20 Jan 2022 AFP News
Harry Lynch, CFRE, chair of the AFP U.S. Foundation for Philanthropy Fundraising Board of Directors is pleased to announce that seven new board members have joined the board in 2022. Lynch, chief executive officer of Sanky Communications in New York City, is starting his second year as chair and
06 Jan 2022 AFP News
English La pandémie de COVID 19 a eu pour effet, entre autres, d’accélérer l’utilisation de la collecte de fonds par voie numérique, que les organismes de bienfaisance y aient été préparés ou non. Certains ont dû apprendre sur le tas, d’autres avaient ficelé quelques éléments d’une stratégie
06 Jan 2022 AFP News
Electronic Epiphany A single flash of insight changed me forever. But it wasn’t from a strong emotional experience, a gem from a trusted mentor or a Harvard lecture. It was from a game. For my fellow, middle-aged gamers out there still rocking the mouse/keyboard combo, the game was Heroes of Might
06 Jan 2022 AFP News
The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada is accepting proposals under its Research Awards program with a deadline of March 14, 2022. Up to $10,000 is available, and grant notifications will be made by the end of April 2022 with the expectation that the research will be completed by March 31
06 Jan 2022 AFP News
FRANÇAIS Covid accelerated the use of the digital fundraising channel whether charities were ready for it or not. Some had to learn on the fly, some had parts of a digital strategy knitted together and others had robust systems in place ready to handle any eventuality. Now, after 21 months of
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