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One in Three Worldwide Lack Confidence in NGOs

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A new study from Gallup and Wellcome reveals that a slim majority of the world's adults (52%) express confidence in the charitable organizations and NGOs in their respective countries. However, 32% tell Gallup they do not have confidence in such organizations, many of whom deliver vital services in the countries where they operate.

The Wellcome Global Monitor, the first-ever global study of public attitudes on science and health, surveyed over 140,000 people from more than 140 countries and asked about their confidence in charitable and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). In many countries, charitable organizations and NGOs play a key role in society by providing goods, services or information.

The trust that people have in these organizations can either enhance or inhibit the organizations' effectiveness and their ability to generate public goods. As such, charities and NGOs need to keep this trust in mind as it directly affects the spheres and activities they can undertake within societies.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • Countries where people express the highest confidence in charities and NGOs span a range of geographies and levels of economic development, including Malta (79%), Rwanda (76%) and the Philippines (74%).
  • Canada ranked 12th in overall trust in its nonprofit sector, while the U.S. ranked 34th.
  • The countries with the highest percentage of the population lacking confidence also span the globe, with six in 10 in Greece, South Korea and Mexico expressing that view.
  • There is little variance across national income categories. People living in low-income countries express slightly more confidence (57%) in such organizations than both the global average and those living in high-income countries (52%).

In addition to these views on charitable organizations and NGOs, the Wellcome Global Monitor also provides new data and insights from around the globe on the public's trust in science, trust in sources of information about public health, trust in vaccines and more.

To see the full list of global rankings and to read the full report, visit the Wellcome Global Monitor.

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