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Hi, everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful month and a successful year-end to your 2019 fundraising. I know it is a busy time, raising money and thanking donors before the calendar turns the page to 2020, but I want to take a moment to THANK YOU.

You do incredible work, bringing people together to change the world. Fundraising is the IMPACT profession because that’s what we create: impact. For the people we serve. For our communities. For our world.

And I’m so proud and grateful that you’ve chosen AFP to be your partner and your community. Just as you bring donors and supporters together, AFP brings fundraisers together, in a community, to advance ethical fundraising and help create change and impact.

I look back on 2019 with so much excitement at everything we did together – for example:

United, as one AFP community, we can point to victories and accomplishments that have actually moved the needle on education, on increasing giving, on fighting for equity, and advancing ethical fundraising.

So during this busy conclusion to the season of giving, I hope you’ll take a moment to pause and reflect on everything you’ve helped accomplish this year for your cause, for your profession and the world. YOU are making a difference, and it does NOT go unnoticed.

Have a happy holiday and joyous New Year, and we’ll see you in the new decade – the Decade of Fundraising Leadership when we will offer you more new programs and services to help you change the world!

Thank you being part of the AFP community and fundraising…the IMPACT profession.

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