Ethics Awareness Month!

In October, We’re Celebrating Ethics!

Yep, we’re celebrating—because ethics makes philanthropy and fundraising possible. Without ethics, giving doesn’t happen. Fundraising doesn’t happen. Change and impact don’t happen.

Ethics makes it all possible, and THAT’S worth celebrating.

And while we’re celebrating in October, ethics is critical all the time. So our goal for AFP Ethics Awareness Month is simple: helping you live ethics. Growing your ethical skills. And demonstrating your commitment to the highest ethical standards.

During Ethics Awareness Month, AFP is offering:

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The Claudia A. Looney Fund for Ethics in Fundraising
The Patricia F. Lewis Ethics Endowment Fund

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The President's Perspective Blog: Ethics Awareness Month

In his special Ethics Awareness Month blog, AFP President and CEO Mike Geiger says that ethics is not just a list of things to do or not do, but a way of thinking, developing relationships and creating impact!


Your Daily Deep Dives Into The AFP Code

Throughout the month of October, members of the AFP Ethics Committee will be addressing each of the standards in our Code of Ethics Standards. Today we feature Fernando Rodríguez Hernández, the director of institutional development at the Foundation for the Protection of Children in Mexico City, as he focuses on Standard 12 and the accuracy of solicitations and other communications materials.

AP Oct

Ethics Takeover of Advancing Philanthropy!

AFP is celebrating October as Ethics Awareness Month, and Advancing Philanthropy is doing something it’s never done before: focusing an entire issue on ethics. Ethics is part of everything we do and is directly responsible for the money we raise and the impact we create. We hope you enjoy this special issue and use it as a resource throughout the year.

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