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As a young professional in the field of fundraising it is important to remember that you are not alone. There are many members of the Association of Fundraising Professionals who are in your community and willing to help a young professional find the resources for success. Stay engaged with these colleagues and be proactive in the search for a fundraising network. Join a local young professionals group and develop leadership skills by volunteering with AFP at the chapter or Association level. AFP members hope these tips will provide you with a good place to start in your new career, as well as encourage you to create additional opportunities beyond these recommendations.

Volunteer to Be on a Committee for Your Chapter

  • Seek out who to contact in order to get involved with chapter activities
  • Check your chapter’s website for list of volunteer opportunities and contacts of who to call
  • Join or start a Young Professionals Group in your community
  • Help your chapter use social media effectively

Learn More – Knowledge is Power

  • Seek out the many professional development opportunities available through AFP chapters
  • Check out the Association’s:
  • Check out AFP Young Professionals focused programming – in your community and on-line professional development. (TBA)
  • Find out about your chapter’s Chamberlain Scholarships for the AFP International Conference.

Find a Mentor

  • Find out if your chapter has a mentoring program and sign up to participate
  • If there isn’t a mentoring program, visit with a member of your AFP local board for professional advice
  • Check out the AFP online mentorship program available on the website

Plan for Success

  • Investigate AFP Curriculum Framework to learn what specific skills and abilities you will need at different levels in your professional development.
  • Learn about Professional Certification – CFRE
    • Read “Why Certify?”
    • CFRE’s are more likely to earn more
    • Know the requirements
    • Keep track along the way: education, community service and professional accomplishments. (Template TBA)
  • Review a AFP Professional Development Plan
    • - Map out your journey

Walk the Talk

  • Become a donor to your AFP chapter, the AFP Foundation or your favorite charity
    • Any amount makes a difference
  • Donate your time in the community
    • Board service, committee or event
  • Spread the spirit of philanthropy
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