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Mike GeigerI’m Mike Geiger, president and CEO of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Though I’m the one posting, it’s really your thoughts and views that we'll be posting, as much as mine —it's about the AFP community and the fundraising profession. I want to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at AFP, but I really want to hear from you. So e-mail me your comments, questions, concerns, feedback, and items you think I should be covering.

29 Jan 2020 President's Perspective Blog
Hi, everyone. Can you believe we’re already starting the month of February? I want to take a moment to highlight the significance of the new decade we’ve entered: the Decade of Fundraising Leadership! You may have heard or seen me reference the Decade of Fundraising Leadership, but here’s what I
23 Dec 2019 President's Perspective Blog
Hi, everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful month and a successful year-end to your 2019 fundraising. I know it is a busy time, raising money and thanking donors before the calendar turns the page to 2020, but I want to take a moment to THANK YOU. You do incredible work, bringing people together
15 Nov 2019 President's Perspective Blog
What is fundraising about? The act of raising funds? Bringing people together? Inspiring others to get involved? Yes, yes, and yes. Those all very important aspects of fundraising. But for me they all lead to one word that really defines what we do: Impact. Our ability to work with communities
01 Oct 2019 President's Perspective Blog
AFP is celebrating Ethics Awareness Month throughout the month of October. And yes, I mean celebrating. Why? Because ethics, and its direct relationship to public trust and confidence, makes philanthropy possible. Fundraising is the IMPACT profession—because of ethics. Ethics allows us to partner
07 Aug 2019 President's Perspective Blog
Yesterday, AFP and The Chronicle of Philanthropy released a new survey on job satisfaction. I hope you’ve had a chance to read the article and review our executive summary and infographics. While some of the questions were similar to what we ask in our annual Compensation and Benefits Reports, we
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