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Mike GeigerI’m Mike Geiger, president and CEO of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Though I’m the one posting, it’s really your thoughts and views that we'll be posting, as much as mine —it's about the AFP community and the fundraising profession. In fact, we will occasionally feature a post from one of our esteemed colleagues, so keep an eye out for these special articles.

While I do want to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at AFP, what I really want is to hear from you. So e-mail me your comments, questions, concerns, feedback, and items you think I should be covering.

07 Aug 2023 President's Perspective Blog
En AFP, creemos que los procuradores de fondos pertenecen al organigrama de liderazgo de toda organización. El Instituto de Liderazgo es nuestro esfuerzo para apoyar a los procuradores de fondos que aspiren al siguiente nivel de liderazgo en la industria de organizaciones sin fines de lucro. Este
07 Aug 2023 President's Perspective Blog
At AFP, we believe fundraisers belong at every organization’s leadership table. The Leadership Institute is our effort to support fundraisers who aspire to the next level of leadership in the nonprofit industry. This program encourages the development of leaders who value IDEA and ethics as
31 Jul 2023 President's Perspective Blog
Most people in the fundraising field have likely heard the statistic that the average length of time in a position for development staff is approximately 18 months. This type of turnover is not unique to fundraising, however. In all types of industries across the board, employees are leaving their
31 Jul 2023 President's Perspective Blog
En junio de 2023, AFP Global, en sociedad con un asesor, McKinley Advisors inició el proceso de desarrollar un plan estratégico para 2025 y más allá a fin de trazar el curso para nuestro futuro … para el futuro de ustedes. Este proceso de planeación estratégica es una oportunidad para revisar
24 Jul 2023 President's Perspective Blog
In June of 2023, AFP Global, in partnership with a consultant, McKinley Advisors, started the process of developing a strategic plan for 2025 and beyond in order to chart the course for our future… for your future. This strategic planning process is an opportunity for us to review our current
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