AFP Webinar: Grassroots Advocacy: Why Are You Leaving Your Strongest Asset on the Table

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Because major donors often drive the success of organizations, they are rightly the primary focus of fundraising efforts. But what if you could tap an existing market outside of these donors and expand your capacity to generate even more success?

Groups like political campaigns and advocacy groups understand the value of grassroots supporters: they provide a solid source of small dollar contributions and often give multiple times at increasing rates. And successful groups turn these grassroots supporters into a massive, loyal community.

You too can increase contributions through your greatest asset: your people.

Designed to expand thinking and offer actionable solutions, this seminar will explore the following:

  • How to craft persuasive messaging that engages and motivates supporters
  • How to build masses of people for winning strength
  • How to select the perfect tools—like online petitions, emails, town halls, social media, etc. to bolster campaigns
  • How to integrate campaigns into existing communications channels for maximum power and results

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