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The Chapter Accord Process

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2021 Chapter Accord Process

For review of the Chapter Accord process in detail, please view the webinar recording here.

Rationale for Accord

In addition to reviewing the activities of all chapters and enabling AFP to assess the services we currently provide, the Accord process is vital to maintaining AFP's ability to offer all U.S. chapters 501(c)(3) status and provide Directors' and Officers' liability insurance and General liability insurance to all chapters. AFP Board of Directors will review all chapters not in Accord at the March, July and October board meetings. Chapters not In Accord by March will lose voting privileges; by July, the chapter's dues revenue will be suspended until the chapter is In Accord; by October, the Board may vote to revoke a chapter's charter.

Chapter leadership must be submitted by Dec. 15, 2020. All other Accord items must be completed by Jan. 15, 2021. These deadlines must be met to qualify for the Ten Star/Ten Star Gold Awards presented at ICON 2020 in Baltimore, Maryland. Chapters must hold Ten Star/Ten Star Gold Award status to qualify for Chapter Growth and Retention awards in the Chapter Incentives Program.

AFP Policy for Annual Chapter Accord Compliance

While Accord is the president’s responsibility, involving other members of the board gives everyone an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Accord. We thank you and your chapter board for your continued service to AFP and to the profession. If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact

2021 Chapter Accord Checklist - View

Part 1: 2021 Chapter Leadership (due Dec. 15, 2020)

Chapter Leader Job Descriptions
- View

  • U.S. and International chapters send in their 2021 Chapter Leaders via the Accord site.
  • Canadian Chapters ensure 2020-2021 leadership is correct and update any changes.

Part 2: Document Review (due Jan. 15, 2021)

  • U.S. and International chapters - Incoming 2021 Chapter President must read and electronically check the box by each of the documents on the Part 2 Accord site.
  • Canadian Chapters – 2020-2021 Chapter President must read and electronically check the box by each of the documents on the Part 2 Accord site.

Part 3:  Chapter Activity Report (due Jan. 15, 2021)

Part 4: Submit Documents (due Jan. 15, 2021)
Chapters must upload and submit the following documents through the Accord platform:

  • 2020 Chapter Program Schedule (including month, program, title, speaker)
  • Proof of active status of the Chapter’s corporation
    Proof may be provided by downloading information from the state/provincial website if your state/province provides a Corporate Status section on its website;
    submitting a Certificate of Good Standing from the state/province;
    submitting a copy of the 2020 annual corporate report to the state/province, if your state/province requires such a report.
    Only ONE of the three items is required for Accord. We will accept a screenshot or print out of the webpage on your Secretary of State’s website showing the chapter’s status.
  • 2020 Financial Information
    A chapter budget is no longer accepted for this requirement.

    Please use this template: Chapter Financial Report Template - English
  • Tax Returns
    • U.S. Chapters Only
      2019 IRS Form 990, 990-EZ or 990-N
    • Canadian Chapters Only
      2019 Form T2 or T2 Short, Corporation Income Tax Return or 2019 Form T-1044


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